Patient Experience

Our team will work with you to take care of all of the necessary arrangements for treatment making sure your experience with us is a good one—during and after treatment. We want to make the process of getting treatment as easy as possible. If you have been diagnosed with cancer and are considering proton therapy as a treatment option, call 877.887.5807 to request a consultation with a radiation oncologist. A physician review board will evaluate your case and determine if you can benefit from protons.

Once you are scheduled for treatment, below is logistical information for you to think about as you plan your treatment visit.

Logistical information for adult patients

Lodging and logistic expenses will be at the patient’s expense.

  • Lodging: Adult patients and their family members can stay at one of a number of local hotels with which Northwestern Medicine has negotiated discounted rates.
  • Transportation:
    • Patients staying at local hotels may have access to hotel shuttles to transport them to and from Northwestern Medicine Proton Center.
    • Patients should plan to arrange for transportation from the airport to their lodging destination.
    • Uber and Lyft are available options for other local travel, as needed.
  • Meals
    • Local hotels may offer complimentary continental breakfast.
    • If desired, some can arrange for grocery delivery service at the patient’s expense.
  • Support services

Logistical information for pediatric patients

Lodging and logistic expenses may be at the patient’s expense.

  • Lodging
    • Pediatric patients and their families may be able to stay at no cost at Ronald McDonald House near Central DuPage Hospital based on availability and is just 15 minutes north of Northwestern Medicine Proton Center.
    • Lodging at Ronald McDonald House will be coordinated by our Patient Liaison Services staff.
  • Transportation
    • Proton Center staff can help arrange transportation to and from Ronald McDonald House.
    • The patient’s parents should plan to arrange for transportation from the airport to their lodging destination.
    • Uber and Lyft are available options for other local travel, as needed.
  • Meals
    • Patients and families staying at Ronald McDonald House will be provided two meals per day.
  • Support services
    • Child life specialists are available for pediatric patients and their families.

Please note that the Proton Center does not provide housing or transportation, and the Center (including any of its affiliated entities) does not endorse any of the companies listed, but is providing information to assist patients in finding resources.

Convenient Location

The Northwestern Medicine Proton Center is conveniently located just outside Chicago in Warrenville, Illinois, about 30-40 minutes from both O’Hare International Airport and Chicago Midway International Airport. O’Hare International Airport is North America’s international hub.


4455 Weaver Parkway
Warrenville, IL 60555
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U.S.: 877.887.5807
International: 630.393.7032

Things to do while you’re here

When in Chicago you can expect to find world-class dining, attractions, entertainment and hotels:

  • Explore the depths of the ocean at the Shedd Aquarium
  • Catch a fly ball at Wrigley Field
  • Take in a show at the Chicago Theater
  • Ride the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier

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Video Library

We have created a library of several videos for you with key information such as:

  • What is Proton Therapy?
  • Benefits of Proton Therapy
  • Real patient stories/testimonials regarding specific tumor types
  • Virtual tour of the proton center