Our Approach

Proton therapy is an effective radiation treatment for many types of tumors, but not all. In fact, on average we only treat 25 percent of the patient leads that come to us. We believe it’s extremely important to direct patients to the right treatment for their case and we know proton therapy isn’t right for everyone.

However, because protons can be more precisely controlled than standard X-ray radiation, they deliver a lower dose of radiation to healthy tissue, which is particularly important when a tumor is close to a critical organ or structure.

Our philosophy when working with other physicians is simple: partnership. Based on mutual respect and collaboration, we believe in delivering the best treatment for your patient, which may or may not include proton therapy. When proton therapy is recommended, you can be confident knowing your patient will receive exceptional care and be delivered back into your care.

Benefits of Proton Therapy
Benefits of Proton Therapy

Our Pledge to You

When your patient is evaluated for treatment, we keep you informed of progress and coordinate with you on any follow-up that may be necessary. We are always available and welcome your involvement. Our commitment to you and your patient will continue even after your patient completes treatment with proton therapy.

You can expect us to provide:

  • Unbiased information on proton therapy
  • Timely and detailed access to your patient’s medical records
  • Open communication with radiation oncologists before, during, and after treatment
  • Regular updates on the progress of your patient
  • Exceptional patient care based on your patient’s individual needs

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